Hiring an Insured and Bonded Paving Contractor

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Asphalt and concrete paved drive methods are among common and cost-efficient paving options. What matters here is to hire the right contractor. If a professional contractor installs the driveway it may ought to last for around 25-30 years.

Asphalt is the mixture of stone and sand which is mixed with liquid asphalt cement. But it is not that sturdy or flexible as compared to concrete. Qualities and application of concrete and asphalt is known to the paving services and thus is used accordingly.

With any paving contractor you hire, be sure the company is bonded and insured to guard you from varied legal responsibilities and protect you against any sub-par efficiency on firm’s behalf. For better maintenance service and servicing, the experts come with a set of safety policy.

Other than safety policy and bond, you can also enquire about installation techniques and materials that the company uses for various paving projects. Checking service areas is another useful way to judge the qualification and experience of the company. In the present time, leading paving service providers offer a range of services for commercial and residential areas including driveways, parking areas, patching, curbs, snow removal and much more.

Thus, be smart in hiring a paving contractor to make your paving project successful.

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