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A&B Paving is one of the reputed names in asphalt and concrete paving. We are a paving company in Burnaby, BC. We have been serving the region for over the years, offering quality and professional services to both residential as well as commercial places in the region.

We are one of the trusted professional pavement contractors. We cater to the varying needs of construction, repair and maintenance of different structures and parts of the property such as pavement, roads, parks, school playground, driveways, curbs, sidewalks, parking lots etc.

Our main feature is our privacy policy that keeps a vigil on the safety measures taken to provide nothing but safe pavements for the pedestrians and bicyclists. We ensure that each and every construction, from the smallest to the biggest, gives preference to proper road maintenance. We give value to both safety and convenience of the residents and visitors in a residential area as well as business owners and workers in commercial places.

Whether you are an organization, real estate agency, property owners, architectural firms or work for the welfare of the society, we extend quality and reliable services to you. We are your safest paving company in Vancouver and Burnaby that values quality work at every step.

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“I extend my gratitude to the A & B Paving company for its commendable work on the pavements and driveway in our block. There are 5 other residents who wish to thank A & B company for their splendid work. Now my kids are safe on the driveway too due to the high pavements and well-maintained asphalt paving work.”

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