Asphalt Paving Services –Regular Maintenance Needs

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The reasons why asphalt paving is preferred for parking lot and driveway installations include comparatively lower cost, longer life and versatility. But no paving contractor can guarantee that the pavement installed will last for thirty or forty years without maintenance. The longevity of the paved areas depends on the paving material chosen and the quality of services provided by the chosen contractors. It is truth that paved areas will get damaged over continuous use over time. Cracks and potholes do get developed on the surfaces, but they can be repaired with the regular maintenance of asphalt paving in Vancouver. Expert pavers know well about how to serve their clients in such paving repair needs. Given below are the most common maintenance services offered by experts:


The layers of asphalt pavements are maintained in good health with regular seal-coating. It generally happens that the water and chemicals gets spilled over the paved areas of parking lots as well as of driveways. These liquids seep inside to the inner layers and do not get easily evaporated. The worst case situations arises in winters when water that has been moved inside freezes and crack the layers of asphalt due to expansion. Such early cracks over pavements are prevented by not allowing water to seep in using seal-coating.

Fresh Asphalt Layering Repair

The repair and maintenance services for asphalt paving in Vancouver also depends on how the paved areas are damaged and to what extent. Another way of increasing the longevity of the pavements is to place a fresh asphalt layer over the damaged surface. Existing cracks are covered as well and the pavements are given a new and fresh appeal. This will also add strength to the paved areas.

Complete Re-installation of Pavements

In worst case situations, filling and seal-coating may not help in getting long term solutions to the surface damages. Experts of asphalt paving in Vancouver suggests for replacement of existing pavements for best results.

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