Preparing Asphalt Pavements for winter

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When the winter season comes, home as well as commercial property owners take the necessary steps to prevent any household winter emergency. They look to prepare the exteriors, windows, roofs as well as pavement for protection and prevention of damage. Asphalt pavement laid in driveways and parking lots need to be maintained for the winter as well. The changes in the weather and temperature do have an impact on the asphalt paved surfaces. The change of temperature, especially when it gets dramatically colder, results in contraction of the asphalt layers, which may damage the structural integrity of the pavement. It is important to keep in mind the damages possible for asphalt pavement to prepare it for the cold weather.

Pavement Repair before the Winter Season

Smaller potholes in the asphalt paved areas will grow in size when the water from the snow pools in them and freezes. This will further increase the damage in the paved areas and will cost more for repair or replacement of driveways after the winter. To save money and to prevent winter damage on asphalt pavement, you can hire reputable paving contractors in Vancouver for preventive repairs.The superior quality paving services will ensure that your pavement can withstand the cold and snowy winter.

Seal coating Asphalt as a Long Term Repair

A protective layer over the asphalt, in a process called seal coating, protects the pavement from water penetration and snow damage. Not only this, it also improves the look and appeal of the asphalt pavement. In this way, it is possible to reduce the long term repair costs.

Removal of Debris before Winter

In the winter season, the snowfall causes blockages of pathways around homes, such as driveways, walkways or even parking lots. This also makes the asphalt pavement inaccessible for repair of any kind. Then, snow will melt down and move into the paved surfaces to cause cracks and damage. So, clearing the debris off such pavements, before the snow falls, will help to make clearing the snow easier. If existing potholes are revealed with snow removal, they can also be repaired with the help of professional paving services. Hiring reputable pavers for professional asphalt pavement repair will be beneficial for long term durability.

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