Asphalt Paving Types – Suggested by Expert Paving Company

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There are many reasons why asphalt is highly preferred as the paving material for roads, driveways, parking lots, runways etc. But for every such pavement, the type of asphalt differs a little, depending upon the traffic over the paved area. This is something most people don’t know about. Every paving job needs a distinct mix of asphalt for benefits like noise absorption, splash reduction, prevention of water runoff etc. And the choice of best type of asphalt can be done by hiring professionals of a well known paving company in Vancouver. Experienced professionals suggest the right mix/type of asphalt as per paving requirement & thus, offer client satisfaction with superior quality paving services.

What are these types or mixes of asphalt? Read more to know about them.

Multi-layer Asphalt Paving

In this type of asphalt pavements, multiple layers of asphalt are added for maximum advantages of durability & prevention of cracks. The lowermost layer is made flexible to prevent cracks while the strength is induced with the help of intermediate layers of asphalt. With their combined effect, the top layer lasts for several years. This type is generally used for roadways & is not very expensive as well.

Permeable Asphalt Paving

Parking lots are paved with this type of asphalt as it allows water to move into the pavements, reach the soil bed & improve ground water levels. Water management plans suggest this type of asphalt to be chosen for parking lots. This is also the reason why reputed paving companies in Vancouver advice the commercial property owners to opt for this type of asphalt paving.

Hot Asphalt Paving

In places where temperature remains considerably lower, this type of asphalt paving is most suitable. It involves use of advance technology to lay pavements in low temperatures which allows the layers to compact thoroughly after being laid in such atmosphere.

Common Asphalt Paving

This is generally used for driveways as it improves their final appearance & thus, complements the overall view of any residential or commercial place. It is high in strength & durability features, can withstand temperature variations & is not very expensive. Also, it requires low maintenance with time. So, it’s best to opt for this type of asphalt paving & hire expert paving company in Vancouver to install the pavements.

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