Major Patterns Used By Paving Service Providers!

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For proper maintenance and construction of driveways, parking lots and garden paths, individuals require support of professional paving service providers which provide them with a number of paving patterns. Individuals are free to choose the pattern which suits them best both in terms of budget and necessity.
Some of the major paving patterns provided by paving contractors these days include:
Basket weave
Mainly composed of pairs of bricks, Basket weave pattern is suitable for both level and angled ground. It is a common pattern which is mostly used for driveway construction.  Apart from driveways, the pattern is well-suited for various other areas also. Most of the traditional European style driveways and courtyards contain this pattern.
Stretcher-bond path
This pattern is very simple and is preferred for a number of areas. It can impart a large or small look to any area depending on the orientation of the pavers and position of viewers.
Large square and rectangular pavers
These paving patterns are preferred mainly for outdoor areas such as patios, landings and walks.
It is better to take help from a professional paving contractor to get better results out of these paving patterns. AB Paving is one such paving contractor which has trained team members for executing paving task in an appropriate way.

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